Hire a Sandblasting Service in New Hampshire for Your Fabrication Shop

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Hiring a sandblasting service before you start fabricating could give you a big advantage. Sandblasting service in New Hampshire offers many benefits when you manufacture goods, and can improve the quality of your wares. Here are six reasons why you should consider ARC Electrostatic Painting for your sandblasting needs:

  • Gain smooth surfaces: Before you start with electrostatic or conventional painting, you need a smooth surface. Otherwise, there will be dots and divots that will detract from the appearance, and with some items—like car components—even compromise functioning. Also, paint will not stick as well to a marred surface as it will to a smoothed out one. Avoid these issues by starting each painting job with a sandblasting treatment.
  • Create the desired texture: Smooth surfaces are often required for mechanical purposes. Rough textures face more wear and may not stand up to conditions like heat and chemicals. With some items, like toys and home décor, you also want them to look good, and denting or rising is not nearly as attractive as a smooth texture.
  • Remove rust: Rust is never good for machinery, and when it starts to develop, you need to remove it. While this step is always necessary for painting, it is also essential if you wish to preserve structural integrity. Sandblasting is one of the most effective ways to remove rust and keep your machinery intact and ready to take on the next stage of extreme conditions.
  • Treat discoloration: After long-term use, paint does not maintain its regular color. While this may not be important for machinery you keep inside your fab shop, heavy equipment like transport trucks and even forklifts that customers may see need to look a little better. By sandblasting these items first before repairing or painting them, we can restore even color once again. Your vehicle signage will stand out better and your equipment will look well cared for, which will impress even the pickiest customers.
  • Reverse the effects of fabrication: During fabrication, material is subjected to abrasive saws, lasers, burn tables and water jet cutters. The forming process itself is harsh, and when you move on to machining and welding, there are even more elements that the material must endure. All this structural work is required for fabrication, but it can compromise the materials. A sandblasting treatment restores it to optimal condition.
  • Improve the final polish: Once your product makes it through the fabrication process, it is time to prepare it for market. Without sandblasting it first, any polish you apply will not hold out well for the long term. You will leave customers wondering whether they ended up with a low-quality item. Sandblasting evens out the surface, making it optimal for polish. Whether you are painting, coating or simply adding a clear coat, sandblasting makes it look better.

If you are looking to hire a sandblasting service in New Hampshire, contact ARC Electrostatic Painting. We are here for you at any stage in fabrication. Give us a call to start your project.

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