Electrostatic Painting Service in New Hampshire

Electrostatic Painters New Hampshire

An electrostatic finish is simply the most efficient way to refinish metal. It produces the most durable on-site finish available on the market today, comparable to the original factory finish in quality and durability!

At ARC Electrostatic Painting, we take pride in offering our customers electrostatic painting services in New Hampshire that restore the brilliance and resilience of their machines to a like-new quality. We understand the continuous operation takes a toll on the façade of machinery and that extended wear can damage the finish. To remedy this damage and raise your return on investment, we paint to perfection, with superior attention to detail and quality.

How does it work?

Electro static painting is slightly different from traditional forms of spray or liquid painting, in that it relies on electricity to work. Positively-charged, atomized paint particles are sprayed onto a metal surface, which has a negative charge due to a ground that’s placed. Because opposites attract via magnetism, the paint particles are adhered to the surface, where they come to dry in a way that’s stronger than traditional applications (due to the charge).

The benefits

Electrostatic Painters New Hampshire

An investment in an electrostatic painting service in New Hampshire is an investment in whatever you’re looking to have refinished. Electrostatic painting offers a superior finish that’s clean and devoid of overspray buildups. Moreover, the cost of painting electrostatically is lower than many other methods!

Painting to perfection

If you’re looking to have machinery or equipment electrostatically painted to perfection, consult the experts at ARC Electrostatic Painting! With a 20,000 square foot facility and some of the best industry knowledge around, we’re ready to offer you an unparalleled level of electrostatic painting services in New Hampshire! Give us a call today at 603-483-8681 for an estimate on service or to discuss the scope of work associated with your unique project.