Invest in Electrostatic Painting in New Hampshire for Your Heavy Equipment

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When you work with heavy equipment, you likely want to keep it in the best shape possible. This involves serious investment in maintenance, including steel painting in New Hampshire, for your manufacturing or shop outfit. If you are considering electrostatic painting for your equipment, trucks and heavy machinery, here is why you should call us immediately for an appointment:

  • Appropriate for all levels of industry: Many industries benefit from electrostatic painting. Even if your business is more light-industrial, like a restaurant or retail shop, you still own equipment that benefits from this procedure. Anything made of metal enjoys protection and better appearance after a treatment. That is why electrostatic painting is a favorite in construction, aviation, fabrication and even landscaping services. It works and helps capital of all types last longer.
  • Protection for hard working equipment: The electro-static charge produced during electrostatic painting binds to the surface to form a protective shell. If your machinery faces the great outdoors, no matter the weather, this proves vital in helping it maintain surface condition even under the harshest winter conditions. Indoor machinery never dodges these dangers either. Operating under heat and heavy work can also cause significant wear and tear. Impacts, UV light, humidity and harsh chemicals are no match for a electrostatic painted surface. Invest in this process and create improved durability in all your equipment.
  • Longevity and durability: Even the toughest machinery wears out from mere use. While that is expected, there are ways to slow the process. One of these is using electrostatic painting to make the surfaces more resistant to working conditions. Besides adding the protective shell, the treatment also binds elements so the metal itself is more durable. Construction vehicles, appliances and outdoor structures can develop a longer useful life from this one process alone.
  • Improved worker safety: Workplace accidents are productivity killers that can often become expensive. When a worker is laid up, that is one fewer person on your floor and worker’s compensation to pay. Durable equipment reduces these risks. Your employees will thank you for keeping equipment from failure. You will not only benefit from fewer injuries, but also from increased morale.
  • Environmentally friendly: Consumers and businesses alike look for good community citizens when they decide where to purchase goods and services. One way to create this reputation for yourself is to find environmentally friendly ways to maintain your workplace. You likely must control pollution anyway due to environmental regulations, so using electrostatic painting adds to this plan. This is a clean process that does not use solvents. It is a green alternative to reinforcing your equipment that also works very well.
  • Reduced downtime: When equipment fails, that is one less item helping you produce your product or service. Rather than spend time managing shutdowns so you can arrange for repairs, you will be able to continue working without interruption. That is because electrostatic painting makes these failures less likely, which keeps your shop on the productive end of things. You can meet deadlines and production goals rather than plan for maintenance and repairs.

These are just some of the many benefits that electrostatic painting can provide to your equipment and environment. For electrostatic painting in New Hampshire, call ARC Electrostatic Painting Company today.

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