How to Prepare for Hiring Electrostatic Painters in Auburn, New Hampshire

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When it comes to painting large commercial and industrial equipment, electrostatic painting is the best solution. Electrostatic painting uses the magnetism between electrical charges to adhere the paint to the surface to be painted. The piece of equipment is charged with a negative charge that attracts the positive charge in the paint particles, and the end result is a smooth, long-lasting, flawless paint finish.

Compared to more traditional painting methods, electrostatic painting requires little prep before the painting can be done. However, a certain amount of planning is needed to ensure that the painting project goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. If you’re planning to hire electrostatic painters in Auburn, New Hampshire, here are a few things you can do ahead of time to help your project go well.

Prepare your equipment for transport

Our 20,000 square-foot facility can accommodate just about any piece of equipment. However, you will want to plan ahead for ease of transportation. If you have more than one item to be painted, be sure you decide on everything ahead of time. You don’t want to make any unnecessary trips for pieces that may have been forgotten. Make sure that every item is pulled out and ready to go.

Plan your painting project details

If you only want certain parts of a piece of equipment painted, be sure to make note of that ahead of time. If necessary, the parts that should be painted can be marked off. You should also decide ahead of time if you want certain decals and/or logos painted over or redone. It’s important to communicate the specific details of your project to your electrostatic painters in Auburn, New Hampshire.

Decide what colors you want

We have a lot of variety when it comes to color options for electrostatic painting. Discuss your color options ahead of time and determine which parts of your equipment should be painted what color. It’s important to discuss these details with your contractor to ensure that your project is completed exactly how you wanted. If you’re not sure what colors would work best, we are more than happy to make suggestions.

Schedule enough time for the paint job

Although electrostatic painting is a quick process with minimal drying time, it still may be a day or two before your equipment will be ready for use. Be sure to take this into consideration when planning your electrostatic painting project. You don’t want to upset any of your work schedules because you are literally waiting on paint to dry.

Electrostatic painting adheres flawlessly to the metal surface of your equipment, which means that time and money can be saved in reduced prep times. However, to ensure that your project goes smoothly, there are some planning steps you can take. By planning your project details, getting your equipment ready to transport and scheduling sufficient time for the completion of the project, you can guarantee that your electrostatic painting project goes as smoothly as possible.

To learn more, or to schedule service from electrostatic painters in Auburn, New Hampshire, contact ARC Electrostatic Painting today.

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