Why Use Electrostatic Painting in Auburn, NH for Large Machined Parts?

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Parts for indoor or outdoor equipment require protection so they can serve you without failure. That is where electrostatic painting in Auburn, NH plays an important role for agricultural and industrial efforts. The process involves statically charged paint atoms that grounds to the metal and covers even the most detailed lines. Here are six reasons why you should invest in electrostatic painting today:

  • Good coverage: Components may develop rust and decay in areas that are difficult to reach using other painting methods. When you use electrostatic painting, the charged atoms bond to the entire metal surface—including those places a regular sprayed paint may miss. As long as the techniques are sound, we are not going to miss a spot and create an opportunity for rust. You will experience a thorough paint job for your machined parts each time.
  • Stands up to the elements: Work conditions and weather contribute to the wear and tear of machined parts. Since the paint bonds with the surface using electricity, rain, snow, disinfectant cleaners and oils used for operation will not eat away at it. You can trust it to maintain the protective shell you need and never have to worry if work demands increase or the weather takes a turn for the worse.
  • Dries quickly: If you arrange for your machined parts to be painted today, they will be ready for installation tomorrow. There is no long drying process, and within an hour, they will be dry to the touch. We recommend waiting until the next day, just as a precaution. You want to make sure the paint finishes drying so it can offer its best protective elements. Even then, the interruption to your business will be minimal.
  • Factory finish: Parts, even gently used ones, will be restored to like-new status after we work on them. That is due to the factory finish produced each time, and that means additional protection against work and weather conditions. It will extend the useful life of your equipment, since your parts will become less likely to fail. Your equipment will look better and also save you money by reducing the need for replacement and repairs.
  • No mess: While we have all the facilities to paint the largest parts and equipment on our site, sometimes we travel to pick up large equipment or finish the work on your premises. Since the paint sticks through an electric charge, there are no messes to clean up from overspray. Once the work is complete, there will be few signs we were there, except for better painted parts.
  • Improved hygiene: This is important for food handling equipment parts. Since the electrostatic paint produces a non-porous surface, that is one less place for bacteria to hide and infect food products. Since the paint surface stands up to disinfectants, too, it allows you to maintain the highest sanitary conditions and promote food safety.

ARC Electrostatic Painting offers electrostatic painting in Auburn, NH and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss your project and needs.

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