The Necessity of Sandblasting in Auburn, NH Before Electrostatic Painting

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Sandblasting assures the effectiveness of electrostatic painting. If there are any surfaces with old paint, it must be removed first before we continue with our method. This has to do with the properties of electrostatic painting and the way it bonds with metal surfaces. It also creates other benefits that help your items look better and last longer. Here is an explanation of our methods, so that you can better understand why sandblasting in Auburn, NH is necessary.

How electrostatic painting works

Electrostatic painting involves charged paint molecules that bind instantly to metal surfaces. When it comes into contact with parts and equipment, it forms a shell over it and fills in pores in the surface. This is how the method not only adds color and finish to equipment, but also provides additional protection. Once equipment, fixtures and parts undergo electrostatic painting, they are more impervious to the elements of weather and work. That is why many commercial clients consider this a sound investment.

The paint is administered through an aerosol paint gun. It first atomizes the paint and then distributes it using a fine spray. At first glance, it appears similar to any other conventional painting method. However, since the spray only binds to metal surfaces, the cement floor or even canvas curtaining will not experience any overspray.

For all of this to work, the object being painted must be properly grounded. That is where sandblasting serves a vital role.

Where sandblasting comes in

A clean surface is essential for successful electrostatic painting. When we receive projects involving older items that may have been painted dozens of times, we need to remove all the old paint. This is especially true if the equipment underwent conventional painting techniques. The old paint can affect the grounding of the metal object and make it impossible for the electrostatic molecules to stick.

Sandblasting also gives us a good idea of surface condition. Since conventional methods do not offer the same protection as electrostatic painting, it is likely that the surfaces contain pores or cracks. This may require us to apply multiple layers so that your equipment is restored to like-new condition. Fortunately, electrostatic painting can fill in the pores and seal the surface so deterioration slows down drastically.

There are other benefits to sandblasting. If your equipment or embellishments are starting to develop surface rust, sandblasting will take care of it. The same is true of mold or dirt that has been stubborn to go away. It is another reason why equipment has a like-new appearance once we are done working on it. All of the problems your items may have had before and now literally blasted away.

Electrostatic painting and sandblasting in Auburn, NH work well together to preserve equipment and make your decorative items look much better. If you are ready to prepare outdoor features and equipment for winter or feel your machined parts need extra care, call ARC Electrostatic Painting for an estimate and appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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