How Electrostatic Painting in New Hampshire Can Save You Money

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When people hear an unusual or unfamiliar term like “electrostatic painting,” they often automatically associate a big name with big costs. In this case, however, that’s just not true. Although electrostatic painting is more expensive than a brush and a bucket of paint from the hardware store, it’s well worth the extra expense. If you’ve been interested in learning more about electrostatic painting in New Hampshire, but were concerned about the costs, you’ll be surprised to learn that not only is electrostatic painting affordable, but it is also cost-savvy.

Electrostatic painting is a method of painting that involves a magnetism created by electrical charges. The metal object to be painted is charged with a negative charge from a ground wire, while the paint particles have a positive charge. When the positive paint particles come in contact with the negatively charged metal object, opposites attract and the paint adheres to the object smoothly and flawlessly. Electrostatic painting is beneficial in many ways. Although it may be more expensive than some more traditional painting methods, it can actually save you money in the long run. Here’s how.

It lasts longer

Commercial and industrial machinery puts in a lot of hours every day on tough jobs and sees a lot of wear and tear. A standard quality paint job won’t last very long when it’s exposed to the everyday tasks of industrial machinery. You’ll find that your equipment needs to be repainted in a short period of time. An electrostatic paint job, however, lasts three times as long as a standard paint job, saving you the cost of having to constantly repaint your equipment every few years.

It prevents rust

A standard paint job leaves gaps in the surface of paint, allowing air and moisture to reach the metal and causing it to rust. Electrostatic painting, however, prevents this problem. Due to the magnetism of the charges, paint particles that don’t immediately touch the surface are actually drawn back, resulting in a smooth, seamless finish that protects the metal from exposure to the air.

It reduces labor costs

When doing a standard paint job, a lot of hours must be put into prepping the surface. Sanding, cleaning and other prep is required just to ensure that the paint will adhere to the surface it’s intended to be used on. Since electrostatic painting uses a magnetism created by electrical charges that allow the paint to adhere to the surface, less care and time is needed to prep the surface, which results in reduced labor costs.

It increases your return

If you decide to sell your equipment, the overall look of the equipment directly correlates to the amount of money you can expect to receive in exchange. Equipment that has been redone using electrostatic painting looks factory new and well taken care of, which means that you can expect a better price when selling it.

If you’ve been looking into electrostatic painting in New Hampshire, you won’t regret it. Electrostatic painting not only looks great, but it will help you save money, too. To learn more, reach out to ARC Electrostatic Painting today.

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